Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome Everyone To My New Blog

I have been getting very inspired to create a new group of art dolls in my studio. I have been gathering materials and formulating some new ideas that I think will be great! I am about to start production on a new "litter" of my Monster Rag Dolls, or "Little Creepers" as I am now calling them. The thing I love about making them is that each one is unique and they develop their own personality as I am creating them - it is like they come to life in a way. I think they represent the uniqueness in all of us and I like how they celebrate our imperfections. But most of all, I like how they are whimsically creepy!

At the beginning of the month I had the opportunity to teach some classes at Artfest 2011 in Port Townsend, WA. It went very well and I had a great time! One of the classes I taught was a class on how to make "Monster Rag Dolls" - I was very impressed with how well all of my students did and how creative they all were. It was an excellent time!

Here are some of the art dolls that I have made so far:

Monster Elvina
...her "cupid's bow" lipstick is not so perfect, 'cause she can only see out of her swirly eye...

Monster Errol
...with his dashing mustache and his monocle eye...

Monster Wendell
...with his portly body and inadequate legs (and don't forget his tentacle)...

Monster Dott
...she is a cute little monster with a monster puppet on her arm...

Zombie Wilford handsome with his stylish hair and that extra long arm...

Monster Tristan
...tall and thin, his giant eye making up for the lack of sight in his "milky eye"...

Monster Una
...a beguiling cyclops with a huge "martini olive" eye...

Monster Ermintrude
...she's a fancy monster with her quilted body, dangly diamond eye & 3 arms (well, 1 is more of a flipper)...

A family shot!


  1. I love, love, love the group shot. your dolls are so amazing. thank you for a wonderful experience in doll making at artfest. you ROCK!!

  2. Gruesomely awesome! I love the puppet on Monster Dott's hand(?) and there's one just like it in my cubicle at work! Creeepy...

  3. Thanks Mindy! Loved having you in class. I am happy to hear you are getting attention for your dolls.

  4. Had an awesome time in your class at Artfest! Excited to see the new litter ...

  5. I can only imagine how much work and attention to detail has gone into these characters! Do you intend to sell them or are they for a show? They're awesome! Dare I say it? A monster effort ;)

  6. These are so much fun--love them all!

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